Attention Trivia

Attention Trivia is a fun success-oriented group activity that utilizes long term memory and reasoning skills. Four different PowerPoints and forty-five questions are provided for each weeks Attention Trivia session. Two multiple choice answers are provided to assist the participants in answering general knowledge questions. Because only two answers are provided, the difference between the two answers are sometimes subtle.

Being in a group setting helps benefit in providing the correct answer (most of the time). When a correct answer is provided by the team, a portion of a picture puzzle is revealed. The goal is to correctly answer the trivia question and to decipher the picture puzzle.

The picture puzzle is usually of a common phrase or cliché’. A few liberties with phonetics (well maybe more than a few) are taken to provide the clues in deciphering the picture puzzle. The picture clues are generally either literal, phonetic or a representation of a sound or a word. When a plus sign is used between two or more picture clues a word is formed.

Attention Trivia is adaptable to a variety of settings. We have predominately used three main types.

  1. Collaboration (LTC and Assisted Living)
  2. Competition-Collaboration (Independent Living)
  3. Brains over Balance (IL and Community settings)

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