How to Implement the CogworxABC activity program

The CogworxABC activity program provides you with everything you need to facilitate weekly activity sessions. With your first eight-week installment of the program, you’ll get access to class descriptions, PowerPoints, procedures, material lists, and training videos. You’ll receive subsequent sessions in four-week installments delivered monthly.

Cognition and Focus Activity Session

  • Day/Date orientation
  • Music
  • Humor
  • Language activities
  • History Trivia
  • Memory games
  • Breathing exercises
  • And MORE

Balance and Cognition Activity Session

Includes all the activities in Cognition and Focus: 

  • Concentration Drills
  • Cross-Lateral Drills
  • Seated Exercises
  • Standing Exercises
  • Processing and Reasoning Drills

As a facilitator, you’ll receive support for each activity. Sharing this understanding with your participants will validate their good decision for attending the class. Preparation for a weekly session takes less than thirty minutes. You can retrieve all previously provided course materials in your membership portal. Finally, we make ourselves available for any questions that may arise.

The CogworxABC activity program addresses two of the biggest concerns that many older adults have: falling and forgetting.




Session Implementation

The CogworxABC activity program allows you to do more of what you love – spend time interacting with your participants. New weekly content helps participants engage and have fun. From accessing instructions to downloading worksheets, everything you need to facilitate each session is at your fingertips. The Balance and Cognition program includes exclusive instructional and video demonstrations.


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